Frequently Asked Questions

deer drag system

What is the LegCuff?

The LegCuff is a lightweight, compact deer drag made in the U.S. of 100% glass-filled nylon. It is 24 inches long from handle to cuff and can be carried in a pocket, jacket, pack or stored in an ATV storage compartment.

How does the LegCuff work?

Position the harvested games’ legs above their head, open the LegCuff and clamp it to the front legs just above the hoofs. Snap the LegCuff closed and pull the handle to tighten. The pull is eased with the LegCuff and the drag is much easier to perform on all types of terrain and in all weather conditions.

See complete instructions in package.

Will the LegCuff fit my Deer?

It will fit all size and species of deer, elk, pronghorn, antelope and caribou. The LegCuff will not slip off the hoofs when attached. The LegCuff will fit does, yearlings, and up to mature bucks.

What about my Trophy Mount?

Trophy mounts are protected with the LegCuff. It keeps the harvested game’s rack in an elevated position while dragging through the back woods and out of the field.

What will the LegCuff attach to?

There are options in attaching the LegCuff to different items you maybe hunting with and there will be accessories to attach the LegCuff to ATVs, chest-rigs, and other harnesses.

Can multiple people assist with the pull?

Yes, more than one person can use the LegCuff and assist with the drag. You can also add an additional LegCuff to the rear legs of the harvested game to allow two people to assist in the drag.


Lifetime warranty

The LegCuff is made of a strong 100% glass-filled nylon and offers a 100% lifetime warranty.