This thing is awesome. Thanks for the chance to use it, it really does make things easier. Thanks Again Joe!

Here at Team Smack-a-Rack we recently tried a new deer drag from All-In Outdoors. Its called the “Leg Cuff.” It is by far the best new hunting tool our team uses. It’s so easy to attach and made dragging deer out of some pretty thick woods so much easier. Thanks Joe for the use of a great product! We recommended this to all of our hunting buddies and friends. Thanks Team Smack-a-Rack

Another deer down for Whitetail Deer All Year! We are giving the Leg Cuffs a workout and they are showing no signs of it. Such a great tool to have in your pocket or backpack makes dragging your game so much easier. Thanks All-In Outdoors! Darrell Dickenson

So far so great! I was a skeptic, but i wont hunt again without my leg cuff! Simple, smart, a must have item in your backpack. Team SAR/ Ron Rados

The Leg Cuffs came in handy again for us at Whitetail Deer All Year. Pro Staffers Duane Don Douglas and Chandler Heath tagged a few nice doe’s in Virginia. Thanks All-In Outdoors!!

Wildlife Addictions Outdoors Pro-Staff Spencer Wolfe with his Ohio buck that the Leg Cuff helped us get out of the woods !!!!!! —

We are happy the Leg Cuff could help you get your deer out of the woods much easier. Abbie Dickenson

Thanks for such a great product. I finally got to use mine today and it was a huge help in getting this deer out and to the truck. — Jerry Downs.